Experimental Study on Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate Using Medical Vial Waste in Conventional Concrete

Paper Presented At NCEEE Conference

IJEP 39(2): 157-162 : Vol. 39 Issue. 2 (February 2019)

G. Mohankumar and C.B. Raam Balagi

National Engineering College, Kovilpatti – 628 503, Thoothukudi


The amount of waste glass has gradually increased over the recent years due to urbanization and industrialization where most of the waste glass end up in a landfill while only small fraction can be recycled because of the high cost of cleaning and colour sorting. Since glass is not biodegradable, the landfill is not an environmentally friendly solution. Recent studies have shown that the waste glass can be effectively used in concrete either as an aggregate (fine or coarse aggregate) or as cement replacement. Being amorphous and containing relatively large quantities of silicon and calcium, glass is, in theory, pozzolanic or even cementitious in nature when the particle size is less than 75 micron. This paper discusses about the partial replacement of fine aggregates using medical vial glass waste in concrete. After the review, it is of considerable finding that more research is deserved on all fine aggregates replacing medical waste materials, which can give more certainty on their utilization in concrete.


Medical waste, Glass waste, Alternative to fine aggregates, Reusing