Assessment Of Ganga River Water Quality In Allahabad

IJEP 39(8): 770-775 : Vol. 39 Issue. 8 (August 2019)

Shrestha Singh and Satyendra Nath

Sam Higginbottom University of Agricultural, Technology and Sciences, Department of Environmental Science and NRM, College of Forestry and Environment, Allahabad – 211 007


The earth is full of natural resource needed for the development of mankind. The day by day increased demand has developed new methods of water quality assessment and management. The study was carried out for the river water quality assessment of three different sites of Allahabad. Water is a basic resource for sustaining all human activities, so its provision in desired quantity and quality is most important. The parameters, like temperature, pH, EC, DO, BOD3, total hardness, Ca hardness, Mg hardness, alkalinity, chloride, turbidity, TDS, sulphate and MPN were analysed as per standards of APHA. All the physico-chemical and biological parameters of Ganga river water at Allahabad are within the permissible limit prescribed by BIS except BOD3, chloride and MPN which exceed the limits in the month of March and April.  


Water quality assessment, Ganga river, Parameters