Assessment Of Physico-Chemical Parameters Of Effluent From Orient Paper Mill, Amalai And Son River Water, District Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh

IJEP 41(4): 437-444 : Vol. 41 Issue. 4 (April 2021)

Mukesh Kumar Ahirwar1 and G.S. Gupta2*

1. Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramodaya Vishwavidhalaya, Department of Physical Sciences, Faculty of Science and Environment, Chitrakoot – 485 334, Madhya Pradesh, India
2. Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramodaya Vishwavidhalaya, Department Energy and Environment, Faculty of Science and Environment, Chitrakoot – 485 334, Madhya Pradesh, India


Study of physico-chemical parameters of effluent from Orient paper mill (OPM), Amalai and Son river were selected for assessment of water quality variation. During the study of 10 sampling stations were selected, out which 6 sampling stations were downstream of effluents running toward Son river and 4 sampling stations were in Son river nearby village area. The study was carried out during January to June, 2015. The colours were milky colloidal at sampling station SS-01 (Near first paper mill) and SS-02(Near first boiler tunnel). Effluent was found acidic in nature at sampling stations SS-01 and 02 near OPM. The higher mean values of TSS were 183.8±19.0 and 143.8±1.5mg/L at sampling stations SS-01and SS-02, respectively. The high mean value of alkalinity 239.5±20.7 mg/L was observed at sampling station SS-05. The higher mean values of total dissolve solids (TDS) were 1823±141.7, 1652.7±2.1 and 1086.8±149.7 mg/L at sampling stations SS-04, SS-05 and SS-01 respectively in effluents of OPM. The high mean value of potassium 45±7.3 mg/L was observed at sampling station SS-05. It was observed that the values of total dissolved solid, hardness, calcium and sodium were fluctuated widely from station to stations which were an indication of pollution in paper mill effluent. Water sample of Son river was yellowish in colour at the sampling station SS-07. The higher mean turbidity was found at sampling station SS-01 and SS-02, in effluents of OPM, Amalai during the study.


Effluent, Son river, Orient paper mill, Physico-chemical parameters


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