IoT Based Intelligent Robot For Railway Track Cleaning And Monitoring Applications

IJEP 41(6): 635-641 : Vol. 41 Issue. 6 (June 2021)

Baranidharan V.*, Mourinth M., Hariharan J. and Divyasree E.

Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Sathy, India


Waste disposal is a decisive problem in emerging countries particularly in India due to the high population. Currently, sanitary workers in India using the oldest devices for cleaning the tracks are indeed unhygienic and it cannot be done manually. The main reason for this is the huge distance which cannot be covered. To find a solution to this waste disposal problem, a cost-effective waste cleaning robot is developed. The system is very simple and cost-effective. The system is highly efficient and holds an effective mechanism. The components of the robot are a rotating brush assembly (Rake), a unique tilting wedge, a conveyor system and a garbage collection unit. The main work of the brushes is to help sweep and pick the very light waste, such as papers, leaves, cups and plastics. The DC motors present here are used to drive the sweeper as well as the conveyor system. The conveyor brush carries the waste and drops it in the garbage disposal unit placed at the back. The railroad system, railway track security is a primary concern. This robot alongwith cleaning identifies the cracks and using IoT it shares this information with the concerned people.


Railways track cleaning, Arduino based robot, Raspberry pi, DC pump, Camera, Teachable machine, Ultrasonic sensor, Cloud, WiFi module


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