Hydrochemical Characterization Study of Singanallur Lake, Coimbatore

IJEP 43(4): 376-384 : Vol. 43 Issue. 4 (April 2023)

S. Snehaa, T.S. Vignathirisaa, S. Pradeep Kumar and V. Yogeshwaran*

Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, Department of Civil Engineering, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu – 641 042, India


The Singanallur lake at Coimbatore which is situated in southern India is an important drinking water resource for all living beings. The pollution in the lake has increased drastically in a particular period of time. Water quality was tested and analyzed by physico-chemical parameters from July 2021 to November 2021. This study was conducted to find out whether the quality of water is adhering to WQI standards for usage and to provide recommendations for polluted areas. Water samples were collected from 6 locations and analyzed for physico-chemical parameters. We have discussed the source and potential health effects of designated use of water. From this we can know the status of quality of water and prevent diseases occurring among people. This helps us to save lake for better utilization.


Physico-chemical parameters, Water quality, Remedial measures


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