Comparative study on the mechanical properties of Sisal Fibre Reinforced Concrete with Conventional Concrete

Paper Presented At NCEEE Conference

IJEP 39 (1) : 86-89 (2019)

S. Dhivya Bharathi, M. Ranjitham and R. Sanjitha


The advancement in innovation and technology has been towards the usage of cheap and durable materials in concrete which contributes to sustainable development. This article focuses on the application of natural fibre reinforced concrete. Natural fibres are now considered as a suitable reinforcing material in concrete due to their greater advantage, such as low cost, high strength-weight ratio and recyclability. The study is mainly concentrating to arrest the crack in a concrete by utilizing naturally available sisal fibre. This is achieved by determining the fresh and hardened properties of concrete with and without the usage of sisal fibre. The optimum percentage of the sisal fibre can be found out from these tests. The results of the sisal fibre reinforced concrete and the conventional concrete are compared and the durability of the concrete is evaluated.


Conventional concrete, Durability, Fibre reinforced concrete, Sisal fibre, Tensile cracks