Strength and Durability Properties of High Performance Concrete Using Foundry Sand and Flyash as Replacement

Paper Presented At NCEEE Conference

IJEP 39(2): 128-135 : Vol. 39 Issue. 2 (February 2019)

M. Ranjitham, S. Dhivyabharathi, N.V. Manjunath and D. Ashwin

Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Department of Civil Engineering, Sathyamangalam-638 401


High performance concrete is very useful in modern construction process. A study was conducted investigate concrete strength parameter, like compressive, flexural and split tensile strengths, also durability parameters like acid attack, saturated water absorption and porosity of high performance concrete (HPC) of M75 grade by replacement of 20%, 40%, and 60% of foundry sand by fine aggregate and 10%, 20%, 30% of flyash by cement with water binder ratio of 0.3. In order to get better workability of HPC, the super plasticiser of base sulphonated napthalene polymers are used. The HPC of M75 grade is designed as per ACI 211.4R-08 ‘Guide for selecting proportions for high strength concrete with Pozzolana portland cement and other cementitious materials'[1]. The mechanical properties, like compressive strength, split tensile strength, flexural strength characteristics of high performance concrete were analyzed and durability studies, such as saturated water absorption, porosity were also calculated. The results demonstrate the strength and durability parameters of high performance concrete with foundry sand and flyash. From the observation of results, the 40% replacement of foundry sand and 20% of flyash in addition of 3% of super plasticiser shows very high characteristics.


Durability, High performance concrete, Foundry sand, Flyash, Special concrete, Super plasticizers