Development Of Particulate Matter Pollution Indices For Monitoring The Ambient Air Quality In Part Of Chennai, India

IJEP 41(12): 1454-1456 : Vol. 41 Issue. 12 (December 2021)

R.M. Narayanan* and S. Laxmipriya

Dr. M.G.R Educational and Research Institute (Deemed to be University), Department of Civil Engineering, Chennai – 600 095, Tamil Nadu, India


This research work deals with the formulation of particulate matter pollution indices (PMPI) based on the impact of three major pollutants (PM1, PM10 and PM2.5) based on the considerations of WHO standards. Concentrations of particulate matter from 6 sampling stations were analyzed and looked upon for the development of proposed index. This will be helpful to both public and officials to take precautionary steps for the safekeeping of people. Results along the selected stations show that the permissible limits exceeded at most sites with a low to very high PMPI category concerning the concentration of particulate matter. This study resulted in extremely harmful pollution concentration among the residents and their health.


Particulate matter pollution indices, Ambient air quality, Particulate pollution, Human health, Impact zonation, GIS mapping


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