Biodegradation Of White Chicken Feather Waste Pollutants By Bacteria

IJEP 41(2): 218-223 : Vol. 41 Issue. 2 (February 2021)

Niraj Kumar1 and Shardendu2*

1. Patna University, Laboratory of Environment and Biotechnology, Department of Biochemistry, Patna – 800 005, Bihar, India
2. Patna University, Laboratory of Environment and Biotechnology, Department of Botany, Patna – 800 005,
Bihar, India


Biodegradation of white chicken feather by isolated keratinolytic bacteria, like NKR1-NKR9 was most effective. The bacterial strain Bacillus licheniformis DAS-2-NKR6 was more effective for degradation of chicken feathers. The other identified bacterial strain NKR1 grew very well till 550C but its keratinolytic activity was restricted to 460C. NKR6 bacterial strain was also grew well but it produces peptidase only between 20-450C. The keratinase enzyme was purified by ammonium sulphate precipitation. The highest purification factor of our strain was 3.7-fold for strain NKR-6 and the final yield was 17.6%. Specific activity of enzyme had 34.02 U/mg where feather keratin act as substrate. SDS-PAGE was used for the determination of molecular weight of purified enzyme. Purified enzyme showed single band with molecular wt. of 43 kDa whereas crude enzyme showed multiple bands, compared with the protein marker range 14-80 kDa.


Bacillus licheniformis DAS-2-NKR6, SDS-PAGE, chicken feathers, Biodegradation


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