Evaluation Of Noise Pollution In The Classrooms Of The Physical Education And Sports Science College At The University of Samarra, Iraq

IJEP 41(9): 1027-1035 : Vol. 41 Issue. 9 (September 2021)

Abbas Hadi Abbas*

University of Samarra, College of Engineering, Samarra, Iraq


In this research, noise pollution and its impact on vocal comfort and speech clarity were evaluated in several classrooms at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science at the University of Samarra, where the study has included three halls. The variables studied are the internal and external noise of the halls and the calculation of equivalent noise (Leq) and the ratio of the speaker to noise (signal to noise ratio (SNR)) and the frequency of reverberation time (RT). The study showed a noticeable increase in the internal noise that affects the acoustic comfort and the decrease in ratio of the speaker to the noise in the back seat areas. The frequency of the reverberation was found to fall within the required limits and a significant decrease was observed to dampen the external noise infiltrated into the classroom. A questionnaire was conducted for a random number of students of the college to indicate the noise assessment in the classrooms. Most of the answers were consistent with the results of the research and the few were somewhat different with the study.


Equivalent noise, Signal to noise ratio, frequency of reverberation time


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