Study on the Effects of Air Pollutants on the Health of Traffic Guards in the City of Kolkata

IJEP 42(6): 764-768 : Vol. 42 Issue. 6 (June 2022)

Anish Ganguly1 and Indranil Mukherjee2*

1. University of Kolkata, Department of Environmental Science, Kolkata – 700 073, West Bengal, India
2. Aliah University, Department of Civil Engineering, Kolkata – 700 156, West Bengal, India


Air pollution, a silent killer ravaging across big metropolitans can easily affect the susceptible population of certain ages very rapidly than the rest because of the level of exposure to various categories of pollutants. Of this section, the traffic police occupy the most vulnerable sect to be continuously exposed to vulnerable concentrations of air pollutants; majority of whom are above permissible limits. The consequences of heavy exposure can be seen in various anatomical systems of the body of the person. This rostrum is aimed at the analysis of the upshot of different pollutants on the health of individuals presented in line of duty in traffic. The study was concluded with the utilization of medical tests and questionnaires. After analysis of the report, it was found that both the populations are moderately to severely affected by air pollution. Small sample size has hindered procuring any further conclusions on the health status of older generation population (40-60 years old age group).


Air pollution, Health study, Respiratory disorders, Traffic guards, Age intervals


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