Study of the composition of solid industrial waste at the enterprises of the Tambov industrial hub

IJEP 43(12): 1124-1128 : Vol. 43 Issue. 12 (December 2023)

A.V. Ryazanov*, A.N. Zavershinskiy and A.V. Mozharov

Tambov State University, Department of Ecology and Nature Management, Tambov – 392 036, Russia


One of the causes of the current environmental crisis is the formation of a significant amount of solid industrial and domestic waste. Depending on its composition and sources of formation, it can be either inert in relation to the components of the natural environment or may pose a serious threat. The aim of the work is to analyze the qualitative and quantitative composition, as well as the ways to deal with solid industrial waste resulting from the operation of the northeastern industrial hub of Tambov. The potential hazard to the environment due to improper and irrational waste management has been assessed. The dependence of the waste composition on the nature and scale of production processes has been shown. Waste management methods have been described. The issues of reducing the environmental risk arising from waste handling through the organization of a collection and disposal system have been considered.


Solid industrial waste, Environmental risk, Waste management, Hazard class


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