Effect of industrialization on groundwater quality, Miraj-Kupwad MIDC, Maharashtra State, India

IJEP 44(2): 161-167 : Vol. 44 Issue. 2 (February 2024)

Sanmati C. Bedage1,3, Sharad Giramkar2 and Balkrishna Zaware3

1. Rajarambapu Institute of Technology, Uran Islampur – 415 414, Maharashtra, India
2. Annasaheb Magar Mahavidyalaya, Hadapsar, Pune – 411 028, Maharashtra, India
3. Baburaoji Gholap College, Sangvi, Pune – 411 027, Maharashtra, India


Miraj-Kupwad MIDC is hub of various industries, like food processing, starch, foundries, etc. A servey of groundwater samples from five sites in MIDC area was analyzed for pH, electrical conductivity, turbidity, total alkalinity, dissolved oxygen, biological oxygen demand, total hardness, chemical oxygen demand, sulphate, phosphate, chloride, nitrate, fluoride, lead, arsenic and chromium parameters as per APHA procedures. The obtained results were compared with Indian drinking standards and it was observed that parameters, like turbidity, alkalinity, hardness, sulphate, nitrates, chlorides, fluoride, lead, chromium and arsenic exceeded the acceptable limit while all sites showed phosphate values within limit. The presence of these contaminants in water samples indicate contamination of groundwater in study area. It may be due to improper effluent disposal and other anthropogenic activities.


Groundwater quality, Miraj-Kupwad MIDC, Seasonal variation


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