Thermoelectricity: A Pollution Free Green Technology To Overcome The Energy Crisis 

IJEP 39(8): 728-733 : Vol. 39 Issue. 8 (August 2019)

Jaspal Singh1 and S. S. Verma2

1. Mata Sundri University Girls College, Department of Physics, Mansa – 151 505
2. Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology, Department of Physics, Sangrur – 148 106


The paper presents the importance of thermoelectric materials towards energy production from any of the domestic or industrial regions where the waste heat is available. This technology is pollution free and regarded as green technology over the last few years. In this research work the classical thermoelectric materials (Fe, Cu, nichrome and constantan) from the market are framed as the thermocouples and their thermo emf generation characteristics are investigated in the normal mode and then under the effect of applied magnetic field of various magnitudes. The effect of magnetic field was studied in order to enhance the magnitude of thermo emf as well as the generation of thermo power in some specific directions. Hence, the findings can lead a way towards the pollution free energy production with cheap, safe and non-toxic materials in the safe environment of operation and designing. 


Energy crisis, Thermoelectricity, Thermo emf, Magnetic field