Ramification Of Unbridled Urbanization In Kolkata : A Study On The Increased Air Pollution And Health Issues

IJEP 41(11): 1310-1315 : Vol. 41 Issue. 11 (November 2021)

Sharmistha Basu1* and Suman Bose2

1. Basic Science and Humanities, Narula Institute of Technology, Kolkata – 700 109, West Bengal, India
2. University of Engineering and Management, Kolkata, West Bengal, India


Kolkata is the cultural epicentre of India with immense geopolitical importance. Pluralistic economic growth and massive urbanization process have affected the air quality of this city with a plethora of consequences. The gigantic construction works, old vehicles, ever-growing industries and unplanned city life have converted the environment of Kolkata into a gas chamber. In the case of air pollution, Kolkata ranks among the worst alongwith Delhi. The unbridled emission from public transportation, unmonitored construction and industries without adequate provisions to curb all sorts of pollution are coercing the citizens to go through the ordeal of environmental catastrophes. The immediate consequences are health problems in various forms. Eye, lungs, heart and other organs are badly affected. The hypothesis of this article is to prove the interrelation between air pollution and health issues. The people who are exposed to external environments, like construction workers, transportation staff and street vendors are mostly affected. The shocking spike eminent in lung disease cases proves that the time has arrived to take corrective measures with alacrity. All the stakeholders need to work cohesively to abrogate the curse of air pollution.


Pollution, Health hazards, environmental catastrophe


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