Scope Of Recycling Of Municipal Wastewater

IJEP 41(7): 810-815 : Vol. 41 Issue. 7 (July 2021)

Debyasnita Sarkar, Sushovan Sarkar* and Debabrata Mazumder

Dr Sudhir Chandra Sur Degree Engineering College, Department of Civil Engineering, Kolkata – 700 074, West Bengal, India


The present research work is done with a goal of achieving a successful way to recycle the municipal wastewater for non-potable daily uses, like toilet flushing, washing, watering in gardens, etc., with a minimum technical knowledge, cost and labour. Grab samples were collected for characterization and performance study on the municipal wastewater. In order to fulfill this objective a suitable channel is selected carrying municipal sewage water from nearby locality. The disposal of such wastewater without any treatment process is going on day by day and thereby creating the alarming situation in surface water quality. The purpose of the present study was to provide a viable treatment option for the sake of recycling. The research was mainly focused on minimum treatment option for municipal wastewater so that the treated effluent could be recycled for non-potable daily uses.


Recycling, municipal wastewater, non-potable uses, characterization, performance study


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