Design and Fabrication of Solar Operated Soil Digging Machine

IJEP 43(3): 284-288 : Vol. 43 Issue. 3 (March 2023)

B. Visnu*, S. Seran, A. Thanush Atie and N. Prasanna

Kongu Engineering College, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Perundurai, Tamil nadu – 638 060, India


Agriculture contributes only about 14 to 15% to the overall GDP. But the productivity of agriculture is decreasing nowadays. At the time of the mechanization and returning farmland to forest in India, in order to plant trees as effectively as possible, earth auger is a kind of important mechanical equipment, its function will directly affect the quality and speed of afforestation in our country. Earth augers are more suitable for agriculture and industrial applications, like plantation of saplings of mango, coconut, teak, lemon, etc., erecting fencing and electric poles. And in today’s market 90% of earth augers are fuel-based and the other 10% are electrical-based. To overcome this we have designed the earth auger with the help of solar panels, battery and motor. Solar power are abundantly available in nature and also a renewable source of energy and eco-friendly so we have used it to run the machine.  The solar panel charges the battery and the battery runs the DC motor with auger bit which rotates at low speed and high torque and digs the soil. The to and fro movements are controlled by spring and lever. Thus makes farmers plant trees easily and effectively.


Solar panel, Battery, Trolley-frame, DC motor, Earth auger


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