Recent Studies In Environmental Sciences And Environmental Sustainability

Selected Papers of (ICES / HICNAS) 2023 Conferences, Iraq

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Special Issue Guest Editors:

• Prof. Dr Ahmed J. Obaid, University of Kufa, Iraf (Lead Editor)

• A. Prof. Dr Neyara Radwan, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

List of Accepted Papers

Title 1 – Reference maps for Cohesion of Karbala Soil using GIS

Haneen M. Ali, Raghad Adel, Jawad K.Thajeel, Ressol R. Shakir , Ahmed Raad Al-Adhadh

Title 2 – Remediation of Antimony from Aqueous Solutions by Adsorption Technique: Isothermal, Kinetic, and Thermodynamic Studies

Seroor Atallah Khaleefa Ali, Zainab AL-Kaabi, Mustafa Najdat Kasim, Mohammed Nsaif Abbas, Thekra Atta Ibrahim

Title 3 – Phenol Removal from Wastewater Using Fe-Doped TiO2 Nanoparticles under Irradiation of UV and Visible Light

Rahma D. Salman, Zainab Y. Shnain, Mohammad F. Abid, Mohammed I. Mohammed

Title 4 – Effect of Waste Fiber Content on Vulcanization Properties for Synthetic Rubber Composites

Zahraa Kadhum Rodhan, Sameer Hassan Al- Nesrawy, Nabel Kadum Abd -Ali

Title 5 – Nigella Sativa seed-containing silver nanoparticles: green synthesis and antibacterial investigation

ZainbN.Hamed, Abdulelah M. Taha, Sulaiman M. Hasan

Title 6 – Polluted Water Treatment by Photocatalysis Degradation Process Under Sunlight Using SnO2/CuO Nanocomposite via Hydrothermal Method

Rawasi Ayad Al-Mousawi, Khaldoon N.Abbas , Mahasin F. Hadi Al-Kadhemy, Asrar Abdulmunem Saeed

Title 7 – Adsorptive Demetallization of Real Iraqi Crude Oil Using Chelating Agent and Synthetic Nano-Zeolite Y

Inas Mohammed Majeed, Nuha Muhsen Ali, Jasim I. Humadi, Ghassan Hassan Abdul Razzaq, Yakubu Mandafiya John, Mustafa A. Ahmed

Title 8 – Finding the locations of earthquakes and AL Graff oil fields pollution

Muna R. Harbi, Riyad E. Abed, Moatasem Al Salih

Title 9 – Reducing the harmful environmental impact of using chemical fertilizers by using dry yeast and licorice powder to support the growth of the Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni

Najat Mohammed Salman, Mustafa R. AL-Shaheen, Ayyub J. Abdl-Rhmaan Al-Bayaty

Title 10 – Determination of genetic variability using PCR-RAPD and enzymatic changes of induced callus in two rice seed embryo lines under the influence of physical and chemical factors

Edrees S. Najm, Ibrahim A.  Hamza