Interpretation of Major Ion Chemistry and Groundwater Quality Assessment by Hydro Facies Diagram

IJEP 43(9): 790-798 : Vol. 43 Issue. 9 (September 2023)

T.S.R. Umamageswari*

PSNA College of Engineering and Technology, Department of Chemistry, Dindigul – 624 622, Tamil Nadu, India


The scarcity of inexhaustible freshwater resources in Tamil Nadu makes groundwater a major water stock basis in many provinces. Therefore, regular monitoring is essential. This study was conducted to evaluate the factors regulating groundwater quality in Virudhunagar district for domestic purposes. 24 groundwater samples were collected from agricultural bore wells and were analyzed with help of standard methods of APHA. A comprehensive knowledge of water quality can intensify the understanding of hydrochemical system. In order to consummate a hydrochemical investigation was carried out in the study area. Groundwater samples were chemically analyzed for major physico-chemical parameters to recognize various geochemical processes influencing groundwater quality. The analytical results show higher concentrations of total dissolved solids, electrical conductance, sodium and chloride which indicate signs of deterioration but values of pH, sulphate, fluoride, DO, BOD and COD are within desirable limit as per BIS standards. Piper and Durov diagrams reveal Na-Cl type of groundwater, indicating intrusion of salt water into the groundwater.


Physico-chemical parameters, Virudhunagar district, Piper, Durov


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