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Comprise of 12 months Issues of Indian Journal of Environmental Protection (ISSN 0253–7141). IJEP is an international monthly peer-reviewed publication dealing with all aspects of environmental pollution and its control, which is published by the Kalpana Corporation. The Journal is abstracted and indexed in the top Abstracting and Indexing Journals of the world like SCOPUS, ULRICH, CAS, ICI etc. It is included in the UGC-CARE List Group II.


IJEP 40 (12) : 1247-1254 (2020) Study Of Ambient Air Quality On Transport Network Near Mining Region- A Case Of Talcher Coalfield Krishna Prakash, Vikas Nimesh, Md. Saddam Hussain and Arkopal Kishore Goswami Abstract Dust generation due to movement of heavy trucks on transport and haul roads is one of the major sources of air […]

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IJEP 40 (11) : 1127-1137 (2020) Adsorption Of Methylene Blue Dye From Aqueous Solution Using Hyperbranched Polyester: Isotherm And Thermodynamic Studies D. Manjula Dhevi, T. Vasanth, A. Sivaraman and A. Anand Prabu Abstract In the present study, hyperbranched polyester (HBP), a biodegradable material having a large number of terminal OH groups was used as an

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IJEP 40 (10) : 1009-1023 (2020) Assessment Of Neighbourhood Environmental Quality Using Analytical Hierarchy Process With GIS In Azamgarh City Saleha Jamal and Uzma Ajmal Abstract Environmental quality of the neighbourhood has a significant influence on the lives of the residents. People’s health is overwhelmingly affected by the quality of their neighbourhood environment. In those

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IJEP 40 (9) : 899-909 (2020) Ion Exchanger Doped Polymer Composite Membrane For Heavy Metal Removal From Aqueous Solutions Charishma Ravindran, Anitha P. K. and Jitha Kunhikrishnan M. Abstract A novel cross-linked polyvinyl alcohol- polystyrene sulphonic acid-zirconium phosphosilicate (PVA-PSSA-ZPS) membrane was prepared by dispersing zirconium phosphosilicate gel into PVA-PSSA blend by solution casting method. It

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IJEP 40 (8) : 787-798 (2020) Batch Adsorption Study On Removal Of Nitrate From Aqueous Solution By Darjeeling Tea Ash Joydeep Bhattacharya and Sailendra Nath Mandal Abstract The adsorbent was prepared from the waste residue of Darjeeling tea followed by pyrolysis process and was named as Darjeeling tea ash (DaTA). The DaTA was characterized using

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IJEP 40 (7) : 675-684 (2020) Modelling Nitrate Contamination In Groundwater Using Artificial Neural Network Combined With Principal Component Analysis In Nashik Region Vrushali V. Sasane and Alka S. Kote Abstract This paper presents the use of multiple linear regression (MLR) and two artificial neural networks (ANNs), namely radial basis function neural network (RBFNN) and

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IJEP 40 (6) : 563-569 (2020) Optimizing Non-linear Adsorption Of Mercury In Water By A Wood Sawdust Based Filter Fulbert Togue Kamga, Francine Lantche Ketchangnoun, Enow Williams Atem, André Chamgoue Cheage and Derbetini Apollinaire Vondou Abstract The objective of this work is to control and optimize mercury removal in water by using a filter made

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IJEP 40 (5) : 451-461 (2020) GIS Based Assessment Of Hydrochemical Characteristics Of Groundwater In DOAB Of Krishna Basin Anuradha S. Tanksali and Veena S. Soraganvi Abstract The hydrochemical analysis of groundwater samples from a DOAB, situated in Bagalkot district, northern part of Karnataka, which falls in a semi-arid zone was considered to characterize the

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IJEP 40 (4) : 340-349 (2020) Evaluation Of Hydrochemical Quality Of Groundwater In North Coastal Districts Of Andhra Pradesh K.Vara Lakshmi , O. Amala , Anima Sunil Dadhich , Ch. Rama Krishna and K. Lakshmi Prasad Abstract In the present study, an attempt has been made to assess the hydrochemical quality of groundwater alongwith the

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IJEP 40 (3) : 227-234 (2020) Remediation Of Colour Pollutant Malachite Green Dye With Mesoporous Walnut Based Particles As Efficient Adsorbent: Isotherms, Kinetics And Batch Adsorption Equilibrium Study V. Arora and D.P Tiwari Abstract Adsorption of cationic malachite green (MG) dye was performed by chemically modified bioadsorbent activated walnut shell powder (AWSP) in the present

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IJEP 40 (2) : 115-125 (2020) Risk Analysis Of Heavy Metal Concentration In Surface Soil Around The Dyeing Industrial Areas In Kondalampatti Of Salem K. Ramesh Kumar and V. Anbazhagan Abstract Soil is the base for all the biological activity in the ecosystem but it faces many undesirable effects due to the development of mankind.

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IJEP 40 (1) : 3-11 (2020) Assessment Of Pollution Load In Terms Of Water Quality Index Of Salandi River In The Command Area Of Hadagada Dam And Its Downstream, Bhadrak, Odisha Pratap Kumar Panda, Trinath Biswal, Prasant Kumar Dash and Rahas Bihari Panda Abstract The river Salandi receives the untreated mining effluents, agricultural discharges, mining

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